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Always stripes/Siempre rayas

The truth is I don’t make as many clothes for my son as I want -well not in the same quantity I make for my daughter-. I don’t think is because I enjoy sewing more for girls, I guess is because my daughter has a louder voice and  she always ask me to make her things, then is easy to get into sewing more for her.


This time there is more for him, but still some for her. I couldn’t help it. When I was finishing the last stitches of the t-shirt hem she came into my sewing room and asked for a t-shirt  with the same fabric as her brother’s. She wanted to do the photoshoot with him. Apparently group photoshoots are more fun! and this one was, I can assure you.


Because this was a project thought for him, he did choose the fabric and was totally fixed since the beginning with this lovely black and grey stripe jersey from NOSH. And because I wanted to make for him some shorts too, the perfect combo was this black stretch sweatshirt also from NOSH.



I decided to play a little with the stripes, then I used that fabric on the pocket facing of the shorts and for the inside of the hood too. I think is a very cool outfit, he loves it and although one fabric is jersey and the other is sweatshirt, they worked fine together. I didn’t have any problem with the difference in weight when I made the pieces. Also is very cozy, then I’m hoping it to be used well into autumn.


For the girl, I made a lovely Watterfal raglan with some alterations -removed the ruffle on the lower hem, added 3.5 Inches to the length and add small ruffles to the sleeves seams on the front pieces- and she paired it with  the culottes I made for her back in spring. Her theme for the photo pose was sporty, I think more like glam sporty. As always I’m very proud of her own style.



* This post is a collaboration with NOSH, that means the fabric I used was given to me by them, but as always all opinions are honest and my own.


La verdad sea dicha no coso para mi hijo tanto como quisiera. No es porque me guste coser mas para niñas, yo creo que es porque mi hija me pide que le cosa mas y pues es fácil decidir que hacer para ella.

En esta oportunidad hay mas para el que para ella. No pude resistirme cuando ella me pidió una camiseta hecha con la misma tela de la del hermano. Ella quería posar y ensenarle al hermano como es que se hacen estas fotos con la ropa. Y bueno fue super divertido y así las cosas salen muy bien.


Como en principio la ropa era para él, el escogio su tela y es ESTE jersey punto sencillo con elastane de NOSH y pues yo escogí la tela de los short que es ESTA sudadera, también de NOSH, para hacerle el juego a la camiseta.

Para el escogí el patrón de la  Rowan Tee con capucha de Titchy Threads y los shorts son hechos con el patrón Domi Sweatpants de Sofilantjes. Para ella hice el patrón  Watterfal raglan con algunas modificaciones -le quite la pieza fruncida de la parte de abajo y la hice mas larga para compensar el quitarle la faldita-


Bueno, eso es por hoy. Los dos andan felices con su ropa nueva, ya se ha lavado varias veces y el jersey como nuevo. Gracias por leer y hasta la próxima!

*Quiero aclarar que este post es una colaboración con NOSH, lo cual significa que la tela que use para hacer este vestido me la dieron sin costo, pero todas las opiniones expresadas son sinceras.

4 thoughts on “Always stripes/Siempre rayas”

  1. Everything looks so good! Such perfect outfits and I’m soooo happy you used my tutorial. Oh boy, it’s a long time ago since I made that, lol.

  2. Everything you make always looks so good! Your son chose well, and I too love your daughter’s style. And yes, sibling photoshoots are so much fun and in my case are so much easier! I can snap away while my girlies have fun!

  3. Both outfits are so cute! That’s so wonderful you sewed for your son – his outfit is super cool. And of course I love your daughter’s sporty glam style!!

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