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Back to School with Made it Patterns

The tittle of the post makes me think summer is over, but really is not at all!. We have still a couple of weeks before school starts again. Oh, let me tell you,  I really I don’t miss the manic mornings finding socks and/or shoes -yes, in this house socks and shoes disappear by magic- before rushing out to the door to get to school…anyway, second week of September it is! then for now is just preparations to get us ready for the big day.


This would be the third year my daughter attend school and although I have thought about making her uniform items, never managed to materialised anything concrete. Perhaps the only resemblance to school was when she entered to reception year, I made a dress and a cardigan but wasn’t uniform, were more after school clothes. Also I have made a couple of loose short leggings for her the PE -Physical Education- shorts just because she will refuse to use the shop bought ones, apparently are made for boys and she dislikes them 100%.

Now you probably are asking yourself, Why I haven’t made uniform items before?. Well, different reasons I guess. First, here in the UK you can find them pretty cheap on super markets and other shops; second, uniforms  get so dirty -paint, mud, food…you name it- and she uses them every single day of the week -except weekend obviously- that I would have to make several to last all the school year and last but not least, some laziness from my part -that relates with the first and second reason!-


This year everything changed when Olu and Anna -Designers in chief and owners of Made it Patterns– proposed the challenge to choose patterns from their designs and make uniform items for this tour. I like her aesthetics and I they are well drafted patterns, then something sparked and therefore my kid is wearing some hand made uniform, yes!!!

Choosing options was easy, even having restrictions on the colour -In my kiddo school she can use grey or black skirt and a white polo-  or the items having to be plain. The difficult bit was to find the right fabric -durable, washable and the right colour- but I manage to find it and off I went into making.

Enough of introductions and entering to the topic, here is the result!


  • Pattern: Petal fold Culottes
  • Size: I sewn size 5 adjusting the length to size 6. The only alteration was on the elastic in the back. I decided to add elastic with buttonholes to the waist. To add nice detail I used a pink neon bias tape to finish the waist inside, also I used a lovely piece of Nani Iro fabric for the pockets.
  • Fabric: Dark marled grey Ponte Roma I bought HERE
  • Thoughts about the pattern and/or the process:

Because I have done this pattern before -you can see it HERE– I knew the fitting was fab on my daughter, also what size to choose. Bear in mind this is a pattern designed for woven fabrics, but I really think works very well on stable knits -For example this ponte Roma was perfect, has little 2 way stretch and is medium weight- just remember to add interfacing on the pocket opening -This is a #miesewingtips-. I decided on the button hole elastic because in that way the culottes will have more use as the waist can be adjusted. Also the pink neon pop/Nani Iro pocket bag is my way to make less boring the uniform and a way to personalise it -impossible for it to get lost!-

  • Pattern: Matrix polo
  • Size: I sewn size 4 adjusting the length to size 5. I modified slightly the pattern because I needed a plain polo. Just made one pieces for the front and back.
  • Fabric: White cotton pique from HERE. It supposed to be UV protective, super fancy!


  • Thoughts about the pattern and/or the process:

I have to be honest here I don’t like polo shirts, then I haven’t been eager to make this pattern before. But as my daughter uniform includes a polo t-shirt, then this time was the perfect opportunity. The original pattern has a nice geometric design, perfect for colour blocking -hey I’m super fan of colour blocking- but for uniform purposes I decided to remove all the SA of the piecing and cut the front and the back as one piece. Because of this I had to add the zipper in a different manner than the pattern instructions called. I made it with a exposed zipper, helping myself with this tutorial. In the inside I added a zip guard to protect the skin. The finish in the inside is a bit wonky, probably needed a bit more of thought, but is wearable and at the end is only in the inside and I’m going to have to live with that fact! . The outside looks quite polished to my surprise and she didn’t moan, then is a win!.



  • In the picture the  also the Matrix polo in white cotton pique.
  • Pattern: Bjork Skirt
  • Size: I sewn size 5 adjusting the length to size 6. I decided to left out the straps and used matte grey KAM snaps for the side closures. Also I choose not to hand stitch the hem.
  • Fabric: Grey polyester and viscose mix suit fabric I bought HERE  . Lining is floral cotton lawn I had in my stash.
  • Thoughts about the pattern and/or the process:

I have been eying this pattern for a long time. I think is very classy/classic skirt, for this reason I considere it to be the perfect skirt to use for uniform purposes. I was really surprised, in the best way,  when I discovered it has a lining -how posh is that!- . The lining gave me the best way to add a nice “non plain” detail to the uniform -you know the personalised addition I talked before-. The design features lovely pleats at the front and an elasticised waist band at the back. I think the pleats are designed in a very clever way and the end product looks super polished!. I didn’t’ make the straps because my daughter said she was not going to wear them, then I guess I saved myself some time.  I used KAM snaps for the closure, as a personal opinion,  I think will hold better on the school playground -I will let you know if that would be the reality-. Also I was super bad and didn’t do the hem by hand how the pattern instructions suggested. Although I think is a fantastic way to finish hems, in this occasion  I believe the hem will last longer in machine stitching or at least is what I dream of!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After all the excitement telling you  all about my hand made uniform, I have something for you.  Madeit Patterns are offering 20% off ALL their patterns in the shop until the end of August!. Just use the secret code “btsmcc” and all the magic will happen.


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Thank you for staying on tune and until next time.

* The patterns I used were given to me by Made it Pattern, but as always all opinions are honest and my own.

6 thoughts on “Back to School with Made it Patterns”

  1. I’m so pleased you were convinced to sew uniform Maria. And what you have sewn it absolutely perfect. Thanks for the links to the fabric too, I just happened to have the correct colour at home already but not quite the perfect fabric compositions.

  2. I can imagine that if your kids have to wear uniforms you might usually not be be inspired to sew them for them, but you did such a great job, I am sure your daughter is very happy with the diversity you added to her daily wardrobe.

  3. This looks totally like school uniform. I think you did a great job! If my kids went to school here, their uniform would be exactly the same boring colours, and I’d love to recreate the looks you’ve made.

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