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The Geneva Cardigan Tour

There is new kid on the block, yes! The Geneva Cardigan is the new pattern designed by Olga, mastermind behind the Coffee and Thread blog, and I was one of the testers a couple of weeks ago. Now is the time to show you what I have made!

But first I would like to tell you more about the pattern. As the name says is a cardigan, can be made for girls and boys from size 12 months up to 14 years, is designed for knit fabrics, has four times of neck finish and closure with buttons or snaps. The pattern comes in a PDF document to be printed and a detailed step by step tutorial with diagrams, among other features.

Cardigan flat drawing


When I apply for the test, I choose the option with shirt collar. I have to confess, the first version I made was sort of a disaster.  I totally ruined it applying the wrong interfacing on the neck piece. Then if you are making this cardigan, check on your interfacing!

Geneva Cardigan sewn by My cozy co.

But after lesson learned, I made a second version -cleaned my knees, wiped my tears and tried again- This time with a tricot interfacing with perfect stretch for the neck. I choose a grey fabric With black dots I bought HERE -they seem to don’t have it anymore, but it was listed as knitted jacquard- back in December last year. My idea was to find a contrasting colour for the neck, but It needed to be an uniform colour as I wanted to add some embroidery detail. Then a soft pink interlock was the winner fabric for the job.

Geneva Cardigan sewn by My Cozy Co., Embroidery

A while ago I made some winter gloves for my daughter -if you follow me on Instagram you probably have seen them- and she loves them and keep asking for more eyes on her clothes. Then I thought that shirt neck was asking for some eyes.

Gloves Little things to sew made by Cozyco

The stitch I used is chain stitch in black thread and also a detail in gold thread. It looks like a patch but was embroidered on the neck piece directly. It is super simple to replicate, just sketch the motif you want to add, transfer it to the fabric -before sewing the neck pieces- and start the embroidery following the lines you just draw on the fabric. I recommend to add an extra piece of interfacing on the place you are going to embroider to stabilise the area. After you finish, just continue sewing your cardigan and voilà you got a  lovely cardigan!


I also wanted to make a cardigan for my son using this french terry fabric mustard colour with dinosaurs from HERE . I used the option with neck ribbing and also used snaps for this one. I really need to try the button closure in a future cardigan, but when I will have enough patience to fight with my sewing machine and the buttonhole settings. For now snaps seems a good option and are easy for them to do and undo them.

Geneva Cardigan Made by My Cozy Co. Pattern by Coffee and ThreadGenevaTour5

I can say this photoshoot was very interesting. Was the first time I attempt to take pictures  with both of my kids at the same time and obviously each one run on different direction! I had to followed them trying to shoot as quick as I could. Well I guess at least I manage to take some decent pictures to show you the Geneva Cardigans, then I can count this experience as a win.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Well thank you for reading ! If you would like to make a Geneva Cardigan -and/or any of Coffee and Thread patterns-, you can get 15% off all the patterns of the Coffee and Thread shop with the code GENEVAPATTERNTOUR valid through Friday the 18th. Also get inspired with all the lovely cardigans have been appearing this past week on the cyberspace.

6 thoughts on “The Geneva Cardigan Tour”

  1. This is so awesome, Maria! I love both cardigans so much. You are a rock star!I think the first one you made was good too! Totally wearable. And you know how much I love the embroidered collar. Pretty sure we, mere mortals, would not be able to easily replicate that. lol. Just saying!

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