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The Juliette Pattern Tour

Today my little blog is one of the stops for the Juliette tour, featuring the Juliette Dress and Top. This pattern is a collaboration between two very talented woman, Suz author and pattern designer at Sewpony and Jill fabulous Instagramer of  Kneesocks and Goldilocks.


My participation on this tour had a funny start and a story behind. I must confess  that I’m a “tour crasher”, arrived without tell anyone but at the end Suz and Jill let me stay and play with their new patter -which obviously made me very happy. Thank you ladies, was a delight to participate on the tour.


Well let’s start with the description of the pattern,  The Juliette Dress and Top  is  a “classic A-line silhouette with a soft ruffle neckline. A faux button placket can be added for extra detail at the front. The dress and top can be made sleeveless, with short, three quarter length or long sleeves. In seam pockets can be added for those who can’t wear a dress/top without pockets! The dress and top close with either a button and loop incorporated into the neck binding, or with bias ties. The ruffle can be omitted for a simpler look. A great staple dress and top to complement your girl’s wardrobe. With no zips or button holes, the Juliette dress and top is the perfect pattern for beginners”  I need to add to this description  that Suz has created a free ad-on to the pattern and is a lovely collar


My daughter is in need of tops for summer -fortunately the British weather is getting better every day and fingers crossed will remain that way- and I decided to make the top version. No ruffle, no sleeves and with the button as a closure.


I choose to make it plain because I had the idea of a top with interchangeable necks. Then I made the ruffle and the peter pan collar as separated pieces, in that way she can play like they are necklaces -she loves to changes clothes every 5 minutes, during the day I never can recall how many times she changes clothes!-and she got four different looks from the same top.


Although I thought on make facings for the neck, I decided to do it as instructed on the pattern, with the bias binding, because I think is one of the main characteristic of the design and was important to leave it as it is. But I didn’t want the separated neck  pieces look like a patch on top of the neckline I wanted to be organically part of the top, then I decided to use very thin bias binding in a contrasting colour and left enough at the back to make a knot -which is another type of closure the pattern offers-

I made the Peter pan Collar with two different fabrics, one the same as the top, the other in a plain colour. Then she can use the collar both sides.

As you see my print matching at the back is very bad, I didn’t have enough fabric. It is really a shame, because it is really bothering me -insert sad face here- but I have to live with it now.

The ruffled neck, is a combination of the ruffle piece of the pattern and a lovely Broderie anglaise trim I was hoarding until the perfect project.  I’m wondering if I should make another making the ruffle reversible.


You can buy a copy of the Juliette pattern HERE. Also, if you use the code DRESSEDINSEWPONY you will get a 10% discount on any of the patterns in the Sewpony shop until the 2nd of June 2017.

Also, Suz is having a fabulous contest. All the details about the contest can be found HERE.

Last but not least if you would like inspiration, here are the links of the rest of bloggers participating on this tour.



11 thoughts on “The Juliette Pattern Tour”

  1. What a genius idea to have the interchangeable collars and ruffle! I love that she has so many different looks now for this beautiful top!

  2. Awesome Maria! Very creative and how cool to make things reversible! Thank you for joining us!! PS…do you know that no photos appear on your blog? ie. we can only read the writing and until we click on the heading, the photos remain hidden 🙂

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