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A Friday dress with embroidery

I love embroidery!  look at the embroidery work from other people as well as doing the embroidery  myself. Although usually I’m a very impatient being, embroidery gives me a space to relax and looking at the final product makes me feel like a super woman.


A while ago I had the crazy idea of making my daughter a dress with embroidery at the back. I usually like to take my time with certain ideas and this one was one of those! Not only because I knew the embroidery process was going to take quite a long time , but also because I wanted to make sure my daughter would use this dress once was finished -Note here…I’m not sure this is going to happen, because she told me already.  I guess at least I can save it as family heirloom- . Anyway it took so long from start to finish -I started in December last year!- but finally I can show you the end result. I’m SO PROUD with this one, please bear with me, because there will be an overload of pictures.



I remember the quickest decision I took in order to materialise the idea was choosing the pattern, which is the Friday dress, a pattern designed by Celina, master brain of the blog PETIT A PETIT FAMILY. Also the main fabric, because I was fixed on denim, I thought that  Friday Dress + Denim= Awesomeness! -am I right?-

Next step was to choose the fabric for the facings and in this one I took my time too as I really wanted a fabric I could sort of reproduce on the outside with the embroidery -that is one of the wonders of making your own clothes, is possible to personalise them as much as you want-

Well I found a small piece of some cotton lawn I have used before that was perfect weight for what I need it and depict beautiful big flowers that went well with the colour of the denim I was using -score!-


I made the dress following the instructions of the pattern, except the ones referring to the facings . I didn’t attach the facings completely because I needed to do the embroidery before. When the embroidery was finished, I hand stitch the facings and the result was very neat.

This is the finished dress, that means the embroidery was done already, but I wanted to show the facing attached by hand (back view)
Also the lower part of the neckband was hand stitched (Front view)


This view of the dress calls for an invisible zipper in the one of the sides and I really tried to avoid it because my daughter doesn’t like zippers agains her skin -I even asked Celina and she did advice to use it-  then as an addition, I made a zip guard following instructions from this post, written by Mie -blogger of Sewing like mad blog– a while ago -Thank you Mie!!!-. I think adds a nice detail to the inside of the dress, don’t you think?


Next stage of course was to choose the most suitable stitch to reproduce the flowers. I ended up using two different stitches to filling the shapes: Satin stitch and Otomi stitch -the same one used for the Mexican embroidery- also threw on the mix some french knots, chain stitch and backstitch.

I organised a sequence of pictures for you to see the process  I followed to make the embroidery on the dress:

Sketches of the flowers. I draw them smaller scale than the original.
For some of the motifs, I used freezer paper to cut and apply with iron, then draw the outlines on the fabric.
For other motifs, I just hand draw on the fabric directly.
starting to embroider. Otomi Stitch.
I used small embroidery hoops for each flower because I thought I would have more control of the scale. This is one of the flowers almost finished.



I must admit  something and is that I don’t own thimbles at all, then my fingers suffered multiple injuries during the process -hint for dear husband, maybe I will find some thimbles under the christmas tree this year? but don’t forget to put some fabric there too-. Still enjoyed each one of the hours it took me from start to finish and I think is a very unique dress that fulfil my creative soul.

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Pattern: Friday dress by PETIT A PETIT FAMILY in size 5, Option D, No alterations.

Fabric: Main is blue denim medium weight from local shop. Facings cotton lawn from Barry’s

Embroidery tutorials you could be interested: Otomi Stitch , Satin Stitch 

Thank you for reading and see you next time!



18 thoughts on “A Friday dress with embroidery”

  1. Maria I’m utterly speechless! This is the most beautiful piece of work I have seen in a long time! WOW WOW WOOOOOW! Such a masterpiece! You daughter has to wear it! What can we do? Start a fund for bribing her or? Haha.
    Thank you! This dress has made my day! Also I’m so happy that you could use my little zipper guard tutorial:-)

    1. Hahaha Mie! The world will not be enough for bribe her, she is very fuzzy :p Thank you so much for your kind words it mean a lot for me and this dress is definitely a great personal achievement 🙂

  2. Maria this is stunning!!!! I am nearly speechless at how amazing your work is! I am sure you put in so much time and effort on this beautiful work of art – and it will definitely be a wonderful heirloom piece. I hope your daughter wears it ❤

  3. Maria, this dress is simply amazing, It is a work of art. It is worth every minute, every hour of work you put in it. I have to add a zip guard to everything I make for my girls. Zips visibly irritate their skin.

  4. That is a dress for a museum! Gorgeous. All the details and time you put into it is crazy. Your daughter has no idea how lucky she is. Just frame it. ❤ ❤ ❤

  5. Maria, this dress is a work of art! I loved reading this post and hearing all about your process. You chose the perfect lining fabric to base your embroidery off too. The effort you put in to all the details is just amazing and so inspiring. I hope your daughter will change her mind before it is too small.

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