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Coffee+Thread Patterns Tour: Mulberry Tunic and more

Hello and Welcome to my blog, today this is one of the stops of the Coffe & Thread tour. Coffe & Thread is a pattern company created by Olga, a talented blogger  and pattern maker. I’m always impressed with her attention to detail, professionalism and beautiful photography. I also considered her my friend and when she talked about the possibility to make a blog tour I jumped in the wagon therefore here I’m! thank you so much my dear for having me on the Coffee & Thread Tour I have enjoyed every single minute!

I have made clothes of some of her patterns before, some of them blogged here and here, some others hasn’t been photographed but I can assure you have been enjoyed for my daughter.

For this tour, we were able to choose any or all of her patterns.  I choose the Mulberry tunic, the Wild and free Lounge pants and the Elena dress. I made slight alterations to two patterns but only to suit specific request of Miss VI


We live so near to the coast and during summer we like to go to the beach, have a little bit of play in the sand and splash our feet into the freezing sea water. Miss VI has been asking me for a special dress for the beach. I don’t know why I thought a sort of kaftan would be amazing, as she tends to be very stylish and loves to dress up. The Mulberry tunic is perfect for the job!. 


She enjoyed the trip to take the photos so much and said she loves her new dress for the beach a lot and was a bit easier to take pictures of her wearing the dress, which always is better than the normal struggle. Yes, she doesn’t like me taking pictures anymore -insert sad face here-

  • Pattern: Mulberry Tunic Option: No hood and long sleeves
  • Size: I sewn size 6, adjusting the length of the top
  • Fabric: Rayon Viscose bought here

During the making of the tunic, I had my moments. I love rayon viscose, don’t get my wrong…the way it drapes is lovely and is so perfect for summery dresses, but -yes I have a but!- it is a bit difficult to sew -or at least for me!-  Im open to advice if someone would like to offer them to me. Sometimes it seems like it grows on its own while you are doing the seams, it is slippery and you have to use lots -insert here tons!- of pins to hold the pieces together.


I made four very easy alterations to the original pattern:  A) Added length to above the knees B) Added a ruffle to the neck line, C) Elastic to the sleeves hem and D) used KAM snaps instead of buttons. For the length I added 6 Inches.  I used the original hem as casing for the elastic.And for the ruffle on the neck, I took all my patience and pleated a long strip -the 150 cm width of the fabric- I attached to the neckline and lastly -in an act of supreme laciness- I decided to finish it with my serger…but if you would like to try this lovely alteration, I think would look nice using the bias tape covering the seam. Also if you would like to use KAM snaps make sure to add double interlining on the spot where you are going to add the snap to asure stability.


For the  second outfit I choose to make the Wild and free Lounge pants and the Elena dress turned into a tunic.


  • Pattern: Wild and free Lounge pants Option: View B with pockets and patches
  • Size: I sewn size 6
  • Fabric: This super soft Pink sweatshirt from the new collection of NOSH Fabrics, which generously sponsored for me. For the patches a little piece of Liberty Cotton lawn I had on my stash


I made the pants a bit bigger from the normal size, just for her personal preferences -she doesn’t like much elastics on the waist and I thought if is a bit loose she will use the pants-.   Also I left the hem undone to roll them up, because I think looks nice and hip. The only bad thing about  make them to big was that during the photoshoot the pants kept going down and obviously the knee patch location too. The good thing is that she is going to grown into them and that she loves them, then I’m totally sure they are going to get lots of use.


  • Pattern: Elena dress.
  • Size: I sewn size 6
  • Fabric: Swiss dot Cotton lawn I had on my stash. Sorry, I don’t remember where I bought it.

The tunic is completely lined because the fabric was very sheer. I made the following modifications to the Elena dress : A) Made a full lining, B) I made it sleeveless, C)shortened length to a tunic, and  D) instead of zipper I opened a bit the neckline and added a triangular feature that includes some gold elastic to the back.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Super simple outfit for an active girl but with a dress up feeling.! Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did making the clothes and taking the photos.

Now for all of you reading Olga is running a generous giveaway, be sure to enter following this link a Rafflecopter giveaway

Also you can take 20% off ANY patterns in the Coffee & Thread shop! Using the code: coffeeandthreadtour

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25 thoughts on “Coffee+Thread Patterns Tour: Mulberry Tunic and more”

  1. Fantastic outfits Maria! That beachdress is just perfect and yay for a photoshoot without a struggle!

  2. Oh Maria! I love so much everything you made! Both outfits are so awesome! 💙💙💙 The pleated neckline is the best! 💙💙 The shirt and pants outfit is so hip and stylish, so so good! Thank you so much for being on the tour, my friend!

  3. I love both of these looks! I’m going to try an elastic closure like that! Love the shape of the kaftan! With really slippery fabrics it helps me to use a new needle, my walking foot, and a ridiculous amount of wonder clips. I also use a slightly longer stitch length.

  4. Gah, Maria I’m obsessed with that Mulberry kaftan. SO freaking cool. And the tiny ruffle in the neckline is such a gorgeous detail. And nope, it’s not just you….viscose/rayon is hard to sew with. The only advice I have is to slow down when you sew…and interface as many things as possible 🙂
    I also LOVE those glitter hearts as knee patches. That whole outfit is seriously fabulous. Amazing job Maria.

  5. I am speechless over your makes!! They are all SO amazing, especially that Mulberry!!! I love it so much that I want one for myself, haha (and I totally understand about sewing with such a slippery fabric). Your second outfit is so pretty and stylish, too! I am definitely borrowing your idea for that back closure!

    1. Thank you Emi! you are too kind!!! It is so funny how I wasn’t very sure if the kaftan was good enough and went to make a second outfit! and the most of the people loved the Mulberry tunic alteration. xxx

  6. Oh my, that kaftan style tunic is sooooooo pretty! You chose the perfect fabric for it, she could walk around on a Greek island and totally belong there. Lovely!

    1. Thank you my friend! she loves it and feel very stylish when she wear it…not so much these days because the sun decided to not appear, but I’m hopping soon we have better weather!

  7. Ohh Maria this post is amazing! Gorgeous everything, so so good! Love the caftan style mulberry such a great idea!! And the fabric is so pretty ❤ And that elena tunic! Gahh couldn't love that idea more, the back closure is so pretty, you are a genius my dear. LOVE everything you made, great job! xo

  8. Maria, you have created such beautiful pieces! I love it how you changed the patterns in such a subtle way. The ruffle on the tunic is just perfect. 1.5m worth of love hehe I am not an expert on sewing rayon as I have only done so twice. Last time I used a walking foot, and it worled like a dream for me. The elastic on the back of the Eleena is such a playful detail 🙂 Gotta hurry up and make the pants for my girls 🙂 Thank you for inspiration 🙂

  9. This is so beautiful Maria, such a perfect combination of pattern, hacks and fabric. Gorgeous photos as well – it looks like you’re on a Mediterranean holiday.

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