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Sewing Block Party with Petit a Petit and Family

Hello there!, has been so long but today I’m caring for my long last neglected blog -these days Im more at my Instagram account-showing you a lovely set of clothes I made for Miss VI.

A couple of months ago I was invited to participate on the Sewing Block Party, I bet you are thinking what means the Sewing Block Party?…well, we are a group of sewing bloggers from around the world joining together  and for each day of the month of November we are showing clothes made with patterns designed by Celina, master mind behind the blog Petit a Petit and Family.

But let me tell you something more about Celina -yes because I think she is a very inspiring woman and if you don’t know her…well you should-, she is not only a fabulous blogger, she also design brilliant patterns, is an excellent photographer,  one of the editors of STYLO magazine and lately has been making the most lovely video tutorials for Ebay.

It was difficult to decided what to make for this tour. I love all her patterns -insert heart emoji here-and I have tested a couple of them but when she throw the news about releasing new patterns and among those new patterns the Loveralls were on the table, well I couldn’t help myself but make some for Miss VI, but not only that I added to the mix a cozy Goodall Cardigan with way too long sleeves!


For the Loveralls skirt, I choose a baby corduroy fabric in a Teal colour I had in my stash for a long time -more than a year to be exact- and for the lining some cotton + still basics from the 2014 collection -I squeeze almost all the pieces in one fat quarter, I call that good use of the resources!-.

According with the measurements of my daughter, I decided on making size 4 for width and size 6 for length, which worked perfectly…I can’t tell you the fit is amazing and is the first time dungarees fits my daughter width-length wise! , then I’m happy with the results.

Celina explains very well how to do the custom fitting! then If you don’t have experience doing this kind of job, she guides you and it is very straightforward process. I can asure you is worth  100% to do it.

Because I wanted a subtle result and corduroy works better that way -well at least in my mind does- instead of using the metal hardware I decided use KAM snaps in a mint colour for the closures and also to do a tone to tone topstitching. The KAM Snaps worked fine, but I would love to make one version with all the metal gear too -sooner than later, I hope-

The Loveralls had a great road testing, they resisted all the running and playing and she likes them.

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The Goodall Cardigan is a very simple pattern, but very effective. I think is perfect for any season according with the fabric you choose. I made this one in one hour! that is a super record time for me, you know I always go slow with my sewing machine. I made a size 4 and add quite a good amount of length.  The sleeves ended up being  way to long, in every single picture I took she is hiding her hands into the sleeves -well I guess it was a bit cold too- . On the good side I think  it means she will use the cardigan for a long time -or that is what I hope for-.


The fabric I used to make the cardigan is a knit with texture that I bought here. The search of the perfect fabric took me so long, because I really wanted something shaggy, with texture and soft. During my crusade If I found something that could work, It wasn’t the right colour. Although I’m not very happy with my daughter wearing black -yes, I’m one of those weird moms that thinks black is for grownups-I think this time works and the best thing is you really can’t note mud or food stains on it.


Sewing with this kind of knit was fine. I did all the seams with overlocker, but had a bit of a problem when I had to go through more than two layers -i.e the neckband and the waistband- but sort it out fiddling with the setting of my overlocker. I should tell you that cutting the fabric is a super messy job, imagine something between velvet and fake fur! fluff went everywhere and I’m still vacuuming my workspace one week after. But one more again super worth it!,  my daughter said is like wearing a teddy bear and she loves it.

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My daughter also is wearing a Rowan Tee with a slightly modified neckband, but I will tell you more about it on Instagram.

Just to let you know Celina is having this month a special code to give you a super 20% discount when you buy one of her patterns, just enter the code BLOCKPARTY. Also she is being so generous and is giving away all her patterns to one lucky winner, got your attention?…ok,follow the Rafflecopter link and you could be the lucky one!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you so much for reading and making me company for today!, If your would like to check what other loveliness has been created and will be created from Petit a Petit and Family Patterns, below you find the list of bloggers that are participating.

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Nov. 1st – Sweetkm | Nov. 2nd – The Sara Project | Nov. 3rd – La Folie | Nov. 4th – Hello Holli | Nov. 5th – Chalk and Notch | Nov. 6th – Sewing Like Mad | Nov. 7th – Beatnik Kids | Nov. 8th – Stitched Together | Nov. 9th – Coffee and Thread | Nov. 10th – Made by Toya | Nov. 11th – Stahlarbeit | Nov. 12th – Lily en Woody | Nov. 13th – My Petite Sophie | Nov. 14th – Handmade Frenzy | Nov. 15th – Paisley Roots | Nov. 16th – While she was sleeping | Nov. 17th – My Cozy co | Nov. 18th – A Jennuine Life | Nov. 19th – Knee Socks and Goldilocks | Nov. 20th – Sanae Ishida | Nov. 21st – Little Cumquat | Nov. 22nd – Gaafmachine | Nov. 23rd – Craftstorming | Nov. 24th – Made by Sara | Nov. 25th – Buzzmills | Nov. 26th – Bartacks and Singletrack | Nov. 27th – Moineau & Petit Pois | Nov. 28th – Naii | Nov. 29th – Just Add Fabric | Nov. 30th – Mie Made Memories | Enjoyful Makes | Dec. 1st – Petit a Petit and Family

8 thoughts on “Sewing Block Party with Petit a Petit and Family”

  1. Ohhh this is FANTASTIC!!! That corduroy Loverall skirt is sooooo perfect (fit, colors, texture, details, everything) and that Goodall cardigan oh my oh my. My daughter LOVES that texture too. She has a sweater in the same type and she wears it every chance she gets. I can only imagine what a mess it is to cut haha.

  2. OMG this is a perfect outfit. Love love love your Loverall skirt. it is simply perfect. The cardi… Oh boy! The mess and fiddling with fabric was totally worth it! Bravo my friend 🙂

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