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A Birthday Present

Remember I told you I have made a second Solis dress? well the recipient  finally has it in her hands, then now I can tell you all about it!

Some weeks ago I had a special request from a dear friend of my daughter. Soon was going to be her Birthday party and she wanted a dress as gift. She wasn’t sure about the shape, but she was very sure about certain details I needed to add. And here was the list:

1)Pink -a very specific pink, Bubblegum pink?- 2) she should be able to put it on by herself. 3)  Tulle 5) Twirl factor 4)Sparkle

Solis dress1

With the list in my hands and my mind set into making a dress she would love -it was going to be her 5th birthday! that is a special milestone I thought, I need to make something special- I start checking my patterns to choose the perfect one. I knew it probably had to be made in knit fabric because it would allow easy wearing and put it on by herself, but I couldn’t find any pattern that called me…or inspired me for this specific project. I thought about modifying a t-shirt and add a circular skirt…No, it did’t work -yes I made a muslin for a kids project, ja!-. Then I got a bit despondent, on top of that a bit of procrastination overpowered me and I left this project in the side and continue with other things.

Then, when I have lost all my hopes, something wonderful happen:  The Solis dress ! yes!! I totally knew that was the perfect pattern to use. It has the twirl factor, is designed for knit fabric and I could easily add the tulle and the sparkle details.

Solis dress3

  • Pattern: Solis Dress  pattern designed by Sofilantjes
  • Option: Circular skirt
  • Size: I sewn size 5, adding a layer of tulle on the top of the skirt.
  • Fabric/materials: Pink Interlock and soft tulle. Also some sequins for the detail in the back.

Solis dress4

To make the layer with the tulle I used the same pattern piece of the skirt,  but since was tulle,  I didn’t want it with a lateral seam. Thanks to Mie, I knew  if I took off the seam allowance I was going to be able to make my skirt without seams in the sides. In this specific case the seam allowance for the pattern was 1 cm, then I just took off 2 cms of the side (meaning 1 cm for each side). Also folded the fabric in four in the same way you do when you want to make a circular skirt in one piece. Once my tulle piece was ready, I basted to the knit piece and then proceded as the pattern instructed. Ta dah! Tulle checked out of the list.

Solis dress5

Now, for sparkle, I decided to add some sequins in pale pink colour. I did this by hand stitching one by one in the central back piece.

Solis dress2

Also, making good use of my new Silhouette Cameo -which I bought thanks to Mary, the brains behind Diario de Naii blog….please check out these beauties she made using the Silhouette here and here– I cut her name, an embellishment and the size of the dress in gold foil – I promise is gold, even if the picture is telling you is sort of green!-

Solis dress6

That’s all..oh no wait, she LOVED it! mission accomplished. I think I did pretty well!

Thank you so much for reading. I would love to know if you take more attention to clothes you make for other people. Share your thoughts with me.




10 thoughts on “A Birthday Present”

  1. Gorgeous! If I were a little girl of five, I’d wear it every day!
    And yes… Sewing for someone else makes me more precise ánd slow 🙂

  2. What an absolutely beautiful dress! Any little girl would love it, I’m sure — 5 years old or not!! What a perfect present, and lucky girl.

  3. Que chulo! Este patrón debería probarlo, tiene una espalda muy original. Y tu versión cuqui…. Genial!

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