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Light like a feather dress

Ok, I manage to make one more thing for Kids Clothes Week!. I finished a dress on Sunday morning.Solis dress, sewn by My Cozy Co

I made a Solis dress pattern designed by Sofilantjes. This dress wasn’t into my plans for the week, but after seeing this one the first day of KCW, I couldn’t resist a spontaneous project went to print the pattern I had a while ago and make one for Miss VI.

Solis dress, sewn by My Cozy Co

The fabric is a design by Andrea Lauren that I was hoarding for a year! yes you are reading correctly, ONE YEAR sitting there in my stash waiting for the perfect dress to be made. And I think this is the one, I love the circular skirt, but also the racer back it is a pretty detail.

Solis Dress sewn by My Cozy Co

It is a size 5 and the fit is so nice on  my daughter, besides she loves it so much! She has been wearing two days in a row! -now needs a good wash!-. I asked her what she likes of this dress and her answer was: “the feathers and that I can put it on myself!” Although she likes dresses I made, the ones she wears the most are made in jersey and don’t have any closures to fiddle around -zips or buttons- then this make makes me feel seriously happy because I know is going to have good wear and tear. Sincerely I feel sad when I open her drawer to to find some of  the dresses I have made unworn.

Solis dress, sewn by My Cozy Co

The pattern it is very easy to follow, I didn’t have any problems with the construction as is straightforward once you add the neck and back strap. Even I was a bit carried away and made another dress, but for a birthday present and I will show you soon after we deliver it to its new owner.Solis dress, sewn by My Cozy Co

There you go, two projects finished during the week! score because these days I’m in super procrastination mode, not only  about sewing clothes but writing about it too.

Thank you for visiting and please check all the beauties that had been created during the past week in the Kids Clothes Week blog and community project page.

9 thoughts on “Light like a feather dress”

  1. Keeping a piece of fabric for a year is nothing! although I am glad you decided to cut into it, because this dress is gorgeous! MIss R needs one for next summer… Oh summer, I miss you already h aha

    1. Thank you Jenya. I thought I was weird to hoard fabric…Sometimes I feel so guilty for buying and just leave it there resting and admiring it! Miss R will look amazing with this dress, it is really a nice design for summer and active girls.

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