London Sew Social

London Sew Social: A weekend in London with friends

Some weeks ago I had a fantastic weekend in London, I meet  14 amazing fellow sewing bloggers from Europe. The Sew social meeting around Europe was an idea from Annika -author of the blog naeh-connection– and Gioia  -author of the blog Dotta Sews  -, and the first meet up was last year in Paris .


Photo: Almost all of us, we miss here Olu, Toya, Laura and Marta

It wasnt your average weekend in the big city, no! it was full of excitement…where should I start… We stay in a hostel -I think I haven’t stayed in a hostel for at least 16 years!- went fabric shopping, walked London Streets, visited a museum, eat amazing food, drunk the perfect coffee, chat, laugh, asked about each other’s life, gave and received advice about patterns/fabrics/trims, took pictures and selfies -only phone pictures, sorry!-…We did so many things! it was so exhausting but at the same time very invigorating for the soul.

London Fabric

Photo: Top, Laura and the window display of The Cloth House, Left Bottom:Liberty fabric at Shaukat , Right Bottom: Macculloch & Wallis

Additionally, on Friday afternoon as an extra bonus, we got to meet Rachel –house of pinheiro– and Maria – fairies bubbles co– . more talented and sweet people overload!

walking London

Walking, chatting and having fun. Annika, Maartje, Marta, Gioia, An and Eva


Blurry photo taken with a phone: Lovely dinner on Saturday,  The Railway Tavern. Gioia, Trine, Ines, Eva and Olu.

I have to tell you these ladies not only are talented, but also the best human beings one can wish! I took with me the best memories and warmth from every single one, besides the hope to see my new friends very soon!

Now if you would like to know more details about our meeting in London follow the links!

Annika from  Näh-connection (Germany) Gioia  Dotta Sews (Italy) Trine   Groovybaby and Mama (Denmark) Liesl from Oliver + S (USA, currently living in Spain) An Straight Grain and Eva  By Eva Maria (Belgium) Maartje Huisjeboompjeboefjes (The Netherlands)
Marta Do Guincho, Andreia  In a Manner of Sewing  and Ines  La Folie Sewing Booth  (from Portugal) Olu Needle and Ted, Toya  Made by Toya, Laura Titchy Threads, and Victoria  As it Seams  (from the UK)

Also, big thanks to our generous sponsors that gave us lovely goodies to increase our love for sewing!


Thank you for stay tune! don’t forget to check out later because we are planning a giveaway to share the happiness with all of you!

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