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Sewing for Kindergarten: Going to school for big girls


Today I’m participating in a blog series called Sewing for Kindergarten, hosted by Mie, the author of the blog Sewing like mad.  In a very quick resume, the series is all about making  suitable clothes /accessories for kids that are starting  school this year.

Sewing for kindergarten2015_MH2

I bet that by now you probably know that one of my kids is starting  school. Well, yes, our daughter started school this September! I think because she is the first of my two kidos to go into the “school learning path”, signing up to this series has been very special for me  (also as a disclaimer: I have followed the previous two years and it is an honor to be participating this year)

I need to clarify that her school has an uniform policy, that means she is going to use uniform for 5 days a week. At the beginning, I was very sure I didn’t want to make uniforms. Mind you, when I saw the uniforms Mie made for her daugther, suddenly the idea of making uniforms wasn’t that boring at all…but finally I went for an “after school look”, something that when she comes back home she can change into (you know the uniforms need to be cared for! If they are in good condition, that would give me more time to think if make them myself or not)

Sewing for kindergarten2015_MH4

Although I had lots of plans for this series (including a coat, that was a bit of a disaster) at the end I settled up for a simple dress and cardigan duo. The cardigan is made with the Aster Cardigan pattern by Willow & Co Patterns (I had made one  here before) with all the toys (as we say in Colombia). It has the peter pan collar, also the faux piping. I made a size 5, but extending the length of the sleeves. I used ponte de roma in a mustard color for the main body and the faux piping is grey cotton jersey (It is probably not very noticeable in the picture. I couldn’t take many pictures of my daughter wearing it, as she wasn’t in the best mood that day! but believe me a hint of grey is in there)Sewing for kindergarten2015_MH5

Because my daughter has a strong voice in what she likes or dislikes (and this is not only about clothes) I asked what she wanted me to make her. This obviously in the hope that whatever I made would be used and not just dumped in the corner of her wardrobe unused. After a bit of negotiation time, we settled in a dress but she specifically asked for no zipper or buttons in the back. She finalized the conversation with a “please, make a dress that I should be able to put it on by myself mami” (very polite certainly!)

Sewing for kindergarten2015_MH7

To make this lovely dress, I started with the Rowan Tee pattern by Titchy Threads because I know the fit is spot on and it had the look I was aiming for. The alterations were: shortened the body length and make the waistband 2 inches wide.  I made a simple A line skirt (drawing in a piece of paper and following the width of the t shirt pattern) also I included two side pockets (because pockets are fun! at least to my 5 years old). The top part is made in a cotton blend jersey that I bought in Colombia. Neckband, arm wrist and waistband pieces are ribbing and the skirt section is made with a lovely quilted cotton that I bought in Miss Matabi last year (It was a birthday treat to make something for me, but alas it was perfect for my “vision dress for kindergarten”, then I used a tiny part)

Sewing for kindergarten2015_MH9

To finalized, Mie wanted us to share a little bit more about our Kindergarten experience , then she sent us some questions and these our answers:

  1. – Is this your first time sending a child to Kindergarten? If not what number child is this?
    Yes, is my oldest kid, then the first going to school!. Although she was sort of used to the school hours as she went to nursery school  four days a week since January.
  2. – Do you feel like crying or celebrating?
    Celebrating for both!. For her, because I know she is enjoying and interacting, but also for me because I can have a little bit more time for myself. The first day I could feel almost like crying, but she was so confident and very ready to be there, that the tears stopped.
  3. – And what about your child?
    She is celebrating! She talked all summer about getting into school for big girls. We tried to get her involved in all the process, like visiting the school, preparing the uniforms and her bag pack, etc., which I think made a positive impact in her view towards school. Also she is a very spirited kid and feels very excited to get around other kids.
  4. – What kind of school does your child attend? (public, charter, private, homeschool)
    She goes to an Academy. In England, academies are publicly funded independent schools. One of the best things is that Is very near home, then we can go every day walking.
  5. – Question to your kindergartner: What has been the best and worst part so far?
    Best part: Drawing and playing
    Worst part: Waiting in line to get her lunch (in her own words: why people have to queue up? It is so boring!)

Thank you so much for reading  today and a big thank you to Mie for letting me be part of this year’s series, it was lots of fun and tears …but what is life without highs and lows, right? boring!

Please don’t forget to visit the other ladies participating, they are making amazing clothes for their kids!


8 thoughts on “Sewing for Kindergarten: Going to school for big girls”

  1. Your outfit is simply spot on Maria…I love it SO much!! And I smiled when I saw that you used the Rowan Tee as a base for the dress because I have totally thought of doing the exact same thing (one day) haha (great minds…right!).
    Thank you so so much for participating!!

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