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A sleeping sack for Kids Clothes Week

Kids Clothes Week – summer edition 2015 has finished and I didn’t show you one of the projects I made during the weekend.

My son has been a fan of sleeping  in sleeping sacks since he was 4 or 5 months old, opposite  to my daughter that never loved them. Then I had a fair quantity of brand new flowery sacks (obviously he has been using them) but I had have this desire to make him a special one. Although I had bought the fabrics long time ago, I could not get the creativity juices working and I scraped every single idea I had. Until now, of course I can thank Kids Clothes week for this successfully finished project!

La semana de coser ropa para los niños -KCW ha terminado, pero no les he mostrado el proyecto que termine durante el fin de semana.

A mi hijo siempre le ha gustado dormir en sacos para dormir, contrario a mi hija que nunca los amó. Entonces él ha estado usando lo que ella no usó. Todos nuevitos y llenos de flores, lo cual no está mal, pero yo quería hace mucho rato hacerle uno que fuera especial. Tenía comprada las telas hace tiempo, pero  sin tener claras las ideas, nunca le saque el tiempo para coser.

Wanderlust sleeping sack2

  • Pattern: Lua Sleeping sack by Straigthgrain patterns.
  • Size: I sewn size 2 years
  • Fabric: Main: Very light cotton chambray for the outside. Lining made in flannel and the batting is 100% cotton.
  • Patrón; Lua Sleeping sack by Straigthgrain patterns
  • Talla: Cosí talla 2 años
  • Tela: Algodon delgado, algodón perchado para el interior y guata de algodón.

Wanderlust sleeping sack3

The inspiration was the word Wanderlust. I stamped the dictionary definition, letter by letter on the chest piece  and as a reference for traveling around the globe, I quilt the sack with curves like the grids in maps. I thought in paint the lines of the North pole edges in the front and the South pole in the back, but I like how it is: simple.

Use sellos y tinta para tela para escribir el significado de la palabra Wanderlust en la pieza del pecho. Para asegurar la guata ala tela de afuera hice unas costuras curvas simulando grillas en un mapa de la tierra.

Wanderlust sleeping sack1

It was an easy project and the pattern is very straightforward to follow, but I’m more like a tortoise sewer not a hare sewer (remember?), then took me quite a few hours from start to finish. Plus, what is about buttonholes, that when you make the test is perfect but at the moment of doing it for real is totally messed up?  yes, you guessed the buttonholes are a mess, but you know what? I like the sack so much! and what I like the most, is the fact that I got finally around to make it.

Fue un proyecto fácil y el patrón es bien fácil de seguir, pero yo no soy una costurera muy rápida que digamos, entonces me tomo unas cuantas horas terminarlo. Me parce que quedo super, qué les parece?

Thanks for reading ! /Gracias por leerme!

6 thoughts on “A sleeping sack for Kids Clothes Week”

  1. I have been wanting to see this sleeping bag since you posted a teaser on IG 🙂 It is gorgeous! Buttonholes… Hm… I think sometimes my machine goes crazy when it comes to sewing buttonholes and it thinks that ‘automatic buttonhole’ means ‘do whatever you like and stop sewing and pivot at any point’. I don’t think so!

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