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The detail of the Ziggy Top: A challenge / El detalle del Top Ziggy: Un desafío

Today is all about a special challenge!. A while ago  received an interesting email from Olu, the author of Needle and Ted blog and one of the brains behind  Made it patterns.  The email contained a fun challenge about adding a detail to a super neat pattern: the Ziggy Top. There were no rules for ” The unique detail challenge”, we-yes, because there are more lovely Ziggy tops posts going around the net today!- were  free to interpret it  in our own individual, creative way.

 Hoy les voy a hablar de un desafío especial !. Hace un tiempo recibí un correo electrónico muy interesante de Olu, la autora del blog Needle y Ted y uno de los cerebros detrás de la empresa de patrones Made It. El correo electrónico contenía un reto divertido que incluia añadir un detalle a un patrón súper chevere, que se llma el top Ziggy . No había reglas para este “desafío del detalle único”, nosotras teníamos libertad para interpretarlo como quisiéramos y de una manera creativa.



Ok, let’s start! since the beginning I had my mind fixed that I NEEDED to make this top in sweatshirt and obviously it had to be a summer weight, because we are heading to summer -yeah, I have hopes that it will be sooner than later-. Unfortunately I couldn’t  find a place here in the UK that sells sweatshirt in the color I had in my mind. Then I bought a light cream colored sweatshirt fabric and dyed in a salmon colour. The dyeing process was simple, checked on internet types of fabric dyes, found this lovely french site that had the perfect shade I required, load the washer machine with the fabric, put dye in the soap compartment and have a cup o tea while waiting  and crossing fingers that everything would be perfect. Well indeed it was perfect, the final colour is very beautiful and cheerier.

Ok, vamos a empezar! desde el principio tenía fijado en mi mente que quería hacer este top en tela de sudadera y obviamente tenía que ser mas delgada que gruesa. Lamentablemente no pude encontrar un lugar aquí en el Reino Unido que vendiera la tela en el color que yo tenía en mi mente. Entonces compré una tela ligera  de sudadera, de color crema  y la teñí de un color salmón. El proceso de teñido fue simple, busquéen Internet a cerca tintes para tela,  encuentré este sitio francés  que tenía el tono perfecto que necesitaba, puse la tela en la máquina lavadora  con el tinte en el compartimiento de jabón y espere hasta que terminara el proceso. El color es super bonito y muy alegre.


Now into the details. I wanted to change the pattern, but still keep the essence of the Ziggy Top.  My main idea included defined angles and triangular shapes, sort of origami lines -I’m afraid I love origami translated in clothes, for example this dress I made a couple of years ago- Also, play with shades of the same colour.

Ahora en los detalles. Quería cambiar el patrón, pero manteniendo la esencia del top Ziggy. Mi idea principal era incluir ángulos definidos y formas triangulares, algo asi como  líneas de origami  Además, jugar con diferentes tonos del mismo color.


To make the main feature of my version of the top, I drawn two diagonal lines that form a big triangle in the front and back pieces of the top. Under the lines of the front triangle, there is an “internal kangaroo pocket” -I’m really not sure what is the technical name for these type of pockets, but that is what I decided called it-. this means that instead of two separated pockets I made a big pocket where miss VI can collect all her treasures.

Para hacer el detalle principal de mi versión  dibujé dos líneas diagonales que forman un gran triángulo en las piezas delanteras y traseras del top Ziggy. Bajo las líneas del triángulo delantero, hay un “bolsillo canguro interno” -No estoy realmente  segura si ese es el nombre técnico de este tipo de bolsillos, pero así decidí llamarlo-, esto significa que en lugar de dos bolsillos separados confeccioné un gran bolsillo donde señorita VI puede guardar todos sus tesoros.

Ziggy DetailBolsillo


This is a close up to the interior of the pocket. I used a bit of a precious piece of Nani Iro double gauze that kindly An sent me some weeks ago  -sewing community is so great!- Thank you An! It is a lovely material, soft and a pleasure to work with it. Surely I’m going to get more soon!

Este es un primer plano del interior del bolsillo. Usé un poco de una preciosa pieza de Nani Iro  que amablemente me envió un hace algunas semanas An. Gracias An! Es un material precioso, suave y es un placer trabajar con él. Seguramente voy a conseguir más muy pronto!



Also, I extended the lines to a ribbing -that I also added to the original pattern- As an interesting detail the ribbing is formed with pieces of the main fabric and a different shade of the salmon colour.

Además,  extendí las líneas a un borde. Como detalle interesante el ribete está formado con piezas de la tela principal y un tono diferente de color salmón.

Front view MyCozyco

I added the same feature to the sleeves hems too.

He añadido el mismo para los dobladillos de las mangas también.

Ziggydetail1Well that is for today, please visit the rest of the goodness in the other blogs that are participating. Have a look and enjoy!

Also Olu and Anna are giving a 20% off of the Ziggy Top pattern in case you would like to have a go! I assure that you will have fun and a quick project in your hands! Total satisfaction.

20% off Ziggy

Thanks for staying tunned in and happy week!

Gracias por acompañarme hoy y Feliz semana!

33 thoughts on “The detail of the Ziggy Top: A challenge / El detalle del Top Ziggy: Un desafío”

  1. Love the sneaky pocket (I am happy to call it an internal kangaroo pocket too). Great idea to play with the lines of the jacket. Extra points for dyeing fabric! Did you have any colouring accidents in the washing machine after this?

  2. I’m with you on the fabric origami thing. The front lines into the kangaroo pocket are so good. It worked out just right. And I adore how you played with shades of the same color!

    1. Thank you Teri…I just left a comment in your blog and suddenly disappear!!! I hope you got it, but It said how I love your version, it is so clever and so properly done, a gem!

  3. Lovely combination of colours and a gorgeous print! I’m so glad that dyeing worked because I have a pile of white sweatshirting and a box of yellow dye on my desk right now…

    1. Thank you Toya!. ‘m linking the dye fabric thing…and that place was amazing, each packet was £2, I think very good price for having a customized colored sweatshirt. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the yellow sweatshirt!

  4. Btw. did you dye the ribbing too – and it just pick up the colour differently or did you just happen to have beautifully matching ribbing? Also were your sweatshirting and ribbing 100% cotton or a poly mix? I’m hoping your wisdom can lead me to sweatshirt dyeing success.

    1. I had the ribbing! and I was lucky to get the perfect colour. But I’m going to try wit white ribbing soon. Sweatshirt was 100% cotton with loop in the back. The fabric dye place advice not more of 40% polyester content to get right colour. But if your sweatshirt has polyester probably will dye lighter. Also take in account the weight of the sweatshirt. There is a place that sells dye for polyester fabrics. I will send you the link by pm on Facebook!

      1. My sweatshirting is 100% loopback too – I was just wondering if it was mixed whether you’d get a slightly flecked effect which would be ace. Finding nice coloured cotton sweatshirting and matching ribbing is a nightmare or incredibly expensive so this seems like the way forward.

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