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Bandana bibs / Baberos

Babero1Today my post doesn’t contain a lot of creativity matter, but it is more matter of necessity. Master TR is in a stage of his humanity were  dribble is in order every second of the day. I think my poor little baby’s teeth want to come to the surface. The annoyance is that the drooling goes directly into his clothes , reason gave, I have to change him innumerable times per day to avoid wet chest.

Lo que estoy mostrando hoy no tiene nada de creativo, pero si de necesario. Desde hace unos días el señorito TR ha estado super baboso, creo que los dientes están por salir. Lo molesto del caso es que permanece mojado el pecho, y eso que lo cambio muchas veces al dia.

babero3 Then me being that crafty as I am, decided that  I could make a couple of bibs. Then I found this tutorial made by The Purl Bee -thanks pinterest!-. I followed pretty much the instructions, but I changed the way they are sewn, I decide to serge the borders instead of sew and topstich the borders, as the tutorial suggest. Also used some metallic snaps -pressure ones, no sew on-as a closure.

Entonces decidí hacerle unos baberos para protegerlo. Encontré este tutorial hecho por The Purl Bee . Seguí casi todas las instrucciones, pero hice los bordes con la maquina fileteadora y le puse broches que se instalan a presión.

babero 2The bibs are so easy to make!!!just straight lines, no pattern needed and look so professional. They are light but with enough layers to do a very good job. The baby of course looks amazingly handsome when he is wearing them -this is not only mother’s love, because other people had commented on them too-

Los baberos son super fáciles de hacer. Solo cortar y coser lineas rectas, no necesitan patrón y lucen muy profesionales. A pesar de que son livianas, tienen las capas suficientes para cumplir una excelente misión. El bebe luce muy hermoso cuando las usa también. Entonces son funcionales y elegantes.

babero 5Fabrics: Michael Miller’s  100% cotton Retro Rocket Rascals, some cotton/linen blend and cotton interlock jersey.

babero4There you go, If you have a little one in your life and the dribble is taking over, I totally think you should make some of these lovelies!

Ahi les dejo esta información por si tienen un bebito que necesite protección de las babas que abundan cuando van a salir dientes.

Thanks for reading me!

Gracias por leerme!


6 thoughts on “Bandana bibs / Baberos”

  1. Hooray for utilitarian sewing! I’ve been pondering this Purl Bee tutorial for some time – I want to make some bibs for big kids with fleece on them – not for catching drips but for wearing outside in winter… Do you think it would work? Would they stand up enough?

    1. I totally think this would work for what you want Brienne. I would use double layer of fleece or perhaps fleece and some cotton or jersey? in order to hold the thing up but with a bit of drape. I hope this make sense. It will be very cosy!

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