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Wednesday of…/Miércoles de…

Wrapping up / Concluyendo


 One more Kids Clothes Week has passed by and one more time I did overestimate the projects I wanted to make during the week.  I had at least two books more to work with-  the theme to sew along was storybooks- and make nice “autumn friendly” pieces for my kids. Anyway I don’t want to focus this post in what I haven’t done, I want to remark the positives of my participation.

La semana para coserle a los niños cada dia durante una hora-KCW en Inglés- ha pasado, y por supuesto que había planeado hacer mas cosas para que mis hijos usaran durante el otoño, pero el tiempo y/u obligaciones no me lo permitieron. De todas formas no quiero concentrarme en lo que no hice. Quiero recalcar lo positivo de mi participación

First of all I went out of my comfort zone -or seat- and made a real  commitment to work at least one hour per day – Let me tell you I did work more than that hour, sometimes stressful but at the end was fun!- Second managed to finish more than one outfit and share them in the blog  -for this remark I can have double score. please see my previous entries for KCW here and here. Warning is quite embarrassing!-. Also, every day I spent some time to look trough the project pool. I was able to have  “creative visual food” or inspiration (is probably the right word) from many women from around the world, that were sewing  together during the week. That was like power recharge of my making batteries! And last but not least,  the “How to catch a Star” outfit got feature on the KCW blog one of the days -hooray!-

Primero que todo me salí de mi zona confortable -o silla- e hice una promesa seria para coser cada día al menos una hora -déjenme decirles que trabaje mas de una hora, algunas veces estresante, pero me divertí resto-. Segundo, termine mas de una prenda de ropa y ademas publique la información en el blog -creo que por esta  me merezco dos puntos. Si se remiten a mis entradas anteriores como esta o esta se darán cuenta-. Tercero, cada dia entraba a la pagina de proyectos y quedaba recargada de energía creativa. Cientos de mujeres de todo el mundo cosiendo por una misma causa y todas produciendo hermosas creaciones para sus hijos. Y por ultimo, mi interpretación del libro “How to Catch a Star” fue registrado como uno de los favoritos en el blog de KCW.

Then I feel I left KCW with more positives than negatives, hopefully I will learn and next time I will be more realistic of what I can accomplish in sewing terms.

Entonces mi sensación general sobre esta edición de KCW es mas positiva que negativa. Eso si, tengo que ponerme las pilas y ser mas realista para que la próxima vez termine todo lo planeado a tiempo.

kid's clothes week

Thanks for staying tuned!

Gracias por leerme!

2 thoughts on “Wednesday of…/Miércoles de…”

  1. I always overestimate my KCW projects – ending with a few still in the pipeline – but it’s actually quite fun and the best part is that I always manage to finish a few projects during the week.
    PS. Love your How to Catch a Star entry (this season theme was so inspirational).

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