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Wednesday of…/Miércoles de…

Creative assignment / Tarea creativa

Two weeks ago, Meg the author of a blog called Elsie Marley, threw a proposal on creative terms. The mission was divided in two stages, during the first one we gave her a word (a noun was ideal, but she said emotions could work too) and in the second part, she assigned us a pair of those words everyone sent to her. With these words, we had to make something. Well this plan sounded great for me and I jumped in.

Hace dos semanas Meg,  autora del blog Elsie Marley, hizo una propuesta. La misión estaba dividida en dos etapas. Primero debíamos proponer una palabra, luego ella nos devolvería dos palabras, a partir de las cuales tendríamos que crear algo.

hair butterfly.svgThe creative assignment twofer was really due for yesterday – yes I know what you are thinking, I’m late- well let me tell you I did it on time you know, and publish it on my Instagram profile but the lack of post yesterday was due to a small fracture in my index finger; Nothing extensive, but it is painful and I’m working /writing at a tortoise pace.

Ok, let’s talk about the assignment, don’t you think? I got my two words: Hair + Butterfly. At first I started thinking in very obvious ideas, like the” clip in the shape of a butterfly to use in the hair” or a mad one: a butterfly back for earring made in hard felt but alas, me being me, I wasn’t happy and although the task included the no over thinking rule, I wanted something more. Suddenly came to my mind an image of the butterfly style of swimming –this is my favourite style of swimming! – for covering the word Butterfly and some fibres of sheep’s hair to cover the word hair.

La fecha para publicar el resultado de la tarea creativa era ayer, y hay prueba de ello en mi cuenta de instagram, pero el articulo es solo hasta hoy, debido a una pequeña fractura en el dedo indice y escribir es bien doloroso. Bueno, ahora al grano. Mis dos palabras fueron Pelo + Mariposa. Lo primero que se me vino a la cabeza fue hacer una hebilla en forma de mariposa, pero era muy obvio. También una mariposa para sostener los aretes hecha de fieltro, pero era un poco loca. De pronto tuve la idea de mezclar nado estilo mariposa y fibras de pelo animal.

Creaive AssignmentI decided to make a textile collage, choose a picture of a swimmer (source) , printed it and transfer it to a hemp fabric and added some sheep’s hair dyed in turquoise colour as if was the water. I attached the fibres with some embroidery floss.

Decidí hacer un collage de tela, escogí un foto de un nadador (fuente), la imprimí y la transferí a una tela, luego, con ayuda de hilo par bordar, añadí fibras de pelo de oveja tenidas de color turquesa que simula el agua abajo del nadador.

What do you think?

Que les paree?

If you would like to have a nose of what other people did for this creative assignment, check Elsie Marley blog and the hashtag #creativeassignmenttwofer in Instagram/Facebook

Si quieren ver lo que otros estan haiendo para esta tarea creativa, visiten el blog Elsie Marley y en Instagram/facebook el hashtag #creativeassignmenttwofer.

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