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Wednesday of…/Miércoles de…

Wild flowers meadow / Parche de flores nativas

Poppies&Daysies Being born and raised in a capital city and, living in a flat didn’t give me many opportunities to be in direct contact with green areas to play or do gardening. Although I had the opportunity to visit different  rural areas in my country, when I was growing up I didn’t have a garden on my own, I was surrounded by other buildings and concrete, then never thought I was missing out. I think my “garden love” was in stand by, but once I landed my feet in England  is in flourishing curve!-to put the feeling on gardening terms-

La mayoría de mi vida he vivido en una ciudad. Crecer en un apartamento no me dio muchas oportunidades de jugar en un jardín, y, aunque visité muchos lugares rurales en mi país,  nunca tuve un jardín a mano y estuve rodeada por otros edificios y concreto, entonces nunca creí que me estaba perdiendo de nada. Creo que mi amor por jardinería lo tenia dormidito, pero cuando llegue aquí a Inglaterra ha estado floreciendo.

Because the house we just moved in is a new building, the garden area was bare and have been quite exciting to plan the landscape of this wonderful “future green Eden” that now is my own -how lucky I feel!-. We decided to have a space dedicated to grow native flowers in the hope that this little meadow will be a “must area” to visit for many bees and butterflies and I think we are in the right path, just need to contained a bit the wilderness because it tends to go out of control. We will see what happens.

Porque la casa a la que nos mudamos es una construcción nueva, el jardín no tenia ni una pinta de verde, entonces ha sido super chévere planear como queremos organizarlo. Decidimos que queríamos un espacio para cultivar flores nativas que atrajeran muchas abejas y mariposas y creo que vamos por buen camino, Tenemos que contener el crecimiento porque veo la tendencia de esparcirse fácilmente. Veremos que pasa.

Do you like gardening? What do you think of wild flowers meadows in house gardens?

Les gusta la jardinería? que piensan sobre tener flores nativas en los jardines de sus casas?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday of…/Miércoles de…”

  1. I like gardens, I don’t necessarily like gardening. I hae a garden and two flower beds that are currently overgrown with weeds. Sigh. 🙂 But I also think it’s a nice outlet to get in touch with nature.

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