Inspiración, Inspiration

Wednesday of…/Miércoles de…

The sea

El mar

Hayle beach

A beach in Hayle-Cornwall/ una playa en Hayle-Cornwall

Nature has been source of inspiration for many designers, artist and creative people in general. For me nothing is more inspirational than  sitting in a quiet beach looking the weaves of a blue sea.

And for you? there is any special place where do you like to go and recharge your creativity?

La naturaleza ha sido fuente de inspiración de muchos diseñadores, artistas y gente que crea. para mi no hay nada mas inspirador que sentarme en una playa solitaria, y perderme en el sonido de las olas del mar.

Y para ustedes? Tienen algún sitio especial al cual van a recargar baterías creativas?

2 thoughts on “Wednesday of…/Miércoles de…”

    1. Well, I know what you mean Olga. I do live near to the sea, but it is not a nice beach :p. That particular picture was taken a couple of weeks ago while recharging my “creative batteries” :). I think I have to go back soon.

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